About Kayla

Kayla White

When I am serving the public in the office, I perform my job with the utmost transparency and honesty. I have worked in the Clerk’s Office since 2007 and have served as the chief deputy since 2009. I am invested in the people of Albany County and the services that we provide.

I am impartial in areas of the office, especially in the Election Process. I am a person that can set my personal views aside and perform the duties set forth by the laws that govern the State of Wyoming.

I have been trained in all aspects of the County Clerk’s responsibilities throughout the past 15 years and have received all the training necessary to be qualified for the job.

I have worked in all areas of the office, including but not limited to; issuing of certificate of title, recording of land documents, working with the Board of County Commissioners, payroll and payables, and the entire election process.

Last but not least, I have a strong work ethic and strive to do my best every day. I care about the employees in the office and will continue to improve the quality and efficiency of the services that we provide. We have an excellent team in the County Clerk’s Office and I look forward to serving the people of Albany County as your next County Clerk.

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